Beyond Violence 
Through this web portal, social media, and mobile phones we unite people globally in a movement campaigning for constructive non-violent change. Because violence never solves conflict.


We are a movement of people who LISTEN to our members from conflict areas on how best to push against violence in their conflicts. Only by listening to these local voices can campaigns be sustainable and successful.


Today, more people in developing countries use the internet mobile phones than in developed countries. There is nearly one mobile phone in the world for each human being. We use this enormous potential to CONNECT people globally so they can act together.


Our worldwide and yet locally led movement overcomes the fear of standing up alone against violence. We EMPOWER by joining hands and we stay to build a local movement in each conflict, campaigning for non-violent and constructive actions.

Latest campaigns


Beyond Violence's Colombia campaign aims to use creative expression to initiate a conversation about the presence of violence and peace in Colombian life, and mobilise youth ideas to work for a peaceful future. ...

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Following the success of our 2013 Voices for Peace petition, the Zimbabwean campaign has moved into solidifying its community roots and working on the ground with schools, artists and poets to spread Visions for Zim throughout Zimbabwe. ...

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In response to the escalating violence in Syria, we launched a petition demanding that actors commit to an inclusive peace conference. This was realised in the Geneva II proceedings. We are now looking at ways to move forward. ...

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Press releases

International Day of Peace: Stop the Violence! Peace is the way to go

United States, Virginia. Beyond Violence (BV) joins the world in celebrating the International Day of Peace today, the 21st of September 2016, under the theme “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building blocks for peace”. This day is important as it constantly reminds the world of the importance of the goal of peaceful co-existence. The day comes at a time when humanity is still battl...

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Youth of India and Pakistan Unite in their Call for Peace

India and Pakistan recently called off important talks that were scheduled to take...

Beyond Violence's "Voices for Peace" Campaign Named in Westbourne 100!

Beyond Violence’s “Voices for Peace” Zimbabwe Campaign was selected as one of the most outstanding campaigns of the past 12 months that not only raises awareness about an issue but changes opinion.

London, U.K., 16 May 2014 – Beyond Violence is delighted to announce its “Voices for Peace” Zimbabwe Campaign has been named as a recipient of “The Westbourne 100” Award in ...

Latest blogs

Criminal Doublethink in Yemen: The £4.6bn arms flow from the UK to Saudi Arabia needs to stop

The United Kingdom’s (UK) relationship with Saudi Arabia slips too readily into sycophancy. Remember when David Cameron ordered flags to half-mast on all government buildings after King Abdullah’s death in 2015, and chartered a jet, at £101,792 to the tax...

Age of Terror: Art Since 9/11

I hadn’t visited the Imperial War Museum (IWM) in Lambeth, London since before it underwent a £40 million transformation in 2014, maybe because of what the name evokes, or maybe because I kept thinking about the weird child-sized army uniforms once for sale in the gift shop. I went this week to see the
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Opposites Attract: The Arts and Peacebuilding

Peace processes aren’t working. More than half of peace agreements fail within five years and recurrent civil wars are still the dominant form of armed conflict in the world today (PRIO, 2016). John Paul Lederach (2005...