Beyond Violence 

Who are we?

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+ What does Beyond Violence do and how can I get involved?

Beyond Violence is an online platform which brings people from around the world together to advocate for non-violent conflict transformation. To find out more about our work, read our mission statement. There are numerous ways to play your part in changing these conflicts - for a good overview see our get involved page.

+ I live in a conflict zone. How can I share my experiences with you?

You can contact us to write a blog or post a video. If you have an idea of how to tackle the conflict in your country, suggest a campaign

+ What changes would Beyond Violence like to see?

Beyond Violence gives a voice to normal people around the world who are longing for an end of violent conflict. We want this option of conflict transformation to become more main-stream and for influential leaders in different conflicts to give non-violent conflict transformation a serious chance.

+ How does Beyond Violence make a difference?

Beyond Violence seeks to bring people together as we believe that together we can make our voice heard. We make a difference by allowing people from around the world to come into dialogue with each other and show solidarity with each other. Also, Beyond Violence is a mass movement and has the capacity to make leading politicians and other people in positions of influence change their actions in a conflict zone. Through our petitions, we can force change towards the better.

+ How is Beyond Violence different to other peace-making organisations?

Beyond Violence is all about mass participation in the internet era. Beyond Violence is the only global web platform that provides petitions on non-violence issues. We are not focussing on creating small encounter workshops for youth on two sides of a conflict – we recognise that this is important work, but we believe that through the internet we have the opportunity to interact with each other at a very personal level without the social stigma of participating in NGO-initiated dialogue. Also, Beyond Violence wants to give a voice to everyone through our discussion community but also combine these voices to one very loud one demanding change in different conflicts.

+ Who does Beyond Violence target to make change?

Beyond Violence believes that anyone anywhere can participate in non-violently transforming conflicts around the world. However, the people we need to convince are the people in power who are waging violent war. We look at who is pushing for violence and who has the power to stop it. These are the people that we then target. Beyond Violence has a wide understanding of who these actors could be: national politicians, influential civil servants or advisers, local strongmen, guerrilla leaders, multinational corporations who are exacerbating or causing violent conflict, and many more.

+ What will you do with the petitions once you have collected signatures?

The petition text and the list of signatures are then handed over to the person or the people that the petition was addressed to, either digitally or in person.

+ What about conflicts where people have no access to internet?

Beyond Violence has several ideas in the pipeline on how to reach people who are passionate about non-violent conflict transformation but lack a reliable internet connection. We are planning partnerships with other entrepreneurs in the field who have piloted amazing technology, including participation by text messaging.

+ What can dialogue achieve?

Constructive dialogue can have many positive effects. It can build up people who are under the massive weight of feeling they are the only ones against the status quo. It can bring people together from two sides of a conflict who together can advocate for non-violence. It can bring together people from around the world to learn from each other. It can help transform people's attitudes.

+ How is Beyond Violence funded?

Beyond Violence is funded by the generous donations of our users and other individuals passionate about ending violent conflict. Beyond Violence will also apply for grants for specific projects with major donor organisations, but only when the organisation completely matches our ethos and does not take any political control of our projects. We have relatively low costs as all our staff are currently volunteers and we work as economically as possible to maximise the use of all donations. Beyond Violence aims to be completely transparent about our finances, in order to remain accountable to all our individual donors. If you are interested in donating to Beyond Violence, please see our donations page.

+ Is Beyond Violence politically attached or associated with any parties, businesses or governments?

NO! Beyond Violence is fiercely independent as we believe this is the best way to push for conflict transformation. Of course, there are people who are passionate about ending violence in many parties, governments, businesses and other organisations and we try to build up contact with these people in power. But we are not dependent on them and liaise with them for the good of the cause.