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About beyond violence

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Mission Statement

In every country hit by conflict, in every community torn by violence, voices are calling for peace. They ring out, full of ideas. And yet these voices go unheard. This is where Beyond Violence steps in. We are a movement that listens to the voices of people caught in conflict zones, and we connect people all over the world- coming together as one powerful voice calling for peace. Together, we can demand a transformation of conflict beyond violence and engage the world in the steps towards constructing peace. We use the internet as a platform to engage in conflict resolution.

What we believe

Fundamentally, we believe that in almost all cases violence exacerbates conflict situations, making a solution harder to reach. We strive to transform conflicts by engaging in non-violent interaction, seeking to set the foundations of long-term sustainable peace. We believe that conflicts can only be steered away from violence with a real understanding of the local issues at hand- the motivations, grievances and aspirations of those involved in conflict. We therefore engage with people involved in conflicts on all sides and at all levels who have first hand understanding of the issues present in order to develop strategies that really work so that conflicts can move beyond violence. We also believe that education is key. With a strategy developed, Beyond Violence takes it to the world. Through our website, emailing lists and press releases, as well as through the use of social media, we strive to inform our members about conflict situations. Using videos, pictures, and text we can convey the complex issues of local conflict situations so that the world not only knows about what is happening but can also understand why. The next step we can take together- discovering what we can do to help .