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I remember and demand – a billboard commemoration of the Armenian genocide

I recently had the pleasure of spending a month in Armenia, working as a visiting scholar at the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute. When I arrived in Yerevan one of the first things I noticed on the drive from the airport into town was billboards all along the road with the slogan ‘I remember and demand’ and 1915, the year of the Armenian genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire. The ‘I remember’ part of the slogan resonates strongly and is omnipresent in Armenia today. The genoci...

Written by Tim Williams and published on 18-August-2015

The Human Cost of Iran’s War on Drugs

Iran is a state at war. Contrarily to what the rhetoric of the Iranian regime might suggest, the aggressive war the Iranian government is waging is not against the United States – the Great Satan – nor is it against Israel or the United Kingdom – the Little Satans. – The enemies Iran is combatting are illicit drugs, traffickers and addicts. The rhetoric of Iran’s war on drugs has its origins in the revolutionary ideology of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of th...

Written by Myriam Menard and published on 10-May-2013

The Opium Industry in Afghanistan: Coercion and the Sexual Slavery of Farmer Families'

Afghanistan produces most of the world’s opium, thus forming the backbone of the heroin manufacturing industry and bringing in millions of dollars to the country’s economy. According to a 2007 statistic, 92% of world’s opium is produced in Afghanistan, with an export value of 4 billion US Dollars. Although the Afghan government has taken the recent initiative to eradicate this illegal business, its actions have created a negative impact on the farmers’ families. Likewise, t...

Written by Tawhidul Alam and published on 23-February-2013