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Kya Dilli Kya Lahore

The conflict between India and Pakistan has been the subject of many popular movies in Hindi cinema (Bollywood). Both in India and Pakistan, the mainstream movies' discourse is based on the construction of hatred for the 'other', so as to glorify patriotism and add a sense of national superiority. Few movies have dealt with the human side of this cross-border conflict that has been raging on since 1947. It’s for this reason that

Written by Nidhi Shendurnikar and published on 22-March-2017

Special 8th March blog post series: Tawakkul Karman: The mother of the revolution

As the first Arabic woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011, she is considered the international public face of Yemen's Arab Spring. She is a prominent activist for human rights and freedom of expression. A new generation of activists, young and confident, led the revolutionary wind that in 2011 had spread in North Africa and in the Middle East. The protests started from Tunisia in December 2010 and rapidly expanded to neighbouring countries. Deteriorating economies with unequal distr...

Written by Marcella Esposito and published on 08-March-2017

More Than a Song: Make a Movement out of Music

Africa must wake up, the sleeping sons of Jacob For what tomorrow may bring, may a better day come Yesterday we were kings, can you tell me young ones Who are we today? It is only befitting for me to begin this piece about the power of music with the lyrics above, written by Nas and Damien Marley in ‘Africa Must Wake Up’. I love this song because it embodies the idea of pa...

Written by Ndunge Wayua and published on 19-June-2016

The Nation State: Bounded Humanitarianism

National sovereignty is weakly aligned to global altruism. Accountable to its own constituents, foreign policy, fundamentally a tool to serve and protect national interests, can act like a cap on humanitarianism. When national interests are at stake, international policy suffers from myopia, self-interest and double-standards. And it lies at the very heart of our collective failures in peace, human rights and economic prosperity. Security is one such national priority that does...

Written by Tej Parikh and published on 10-June-2016

The Sustainable Development Goals

Throughout the past couple decades, our world has been through significant changes, both positive and negative. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a group of 8 goals and comprised of a set of time-bound and quantifiable targets, came to an end in 2015. The MDGs were the first major declaration from the world on tackling some of the most systemic travesties, with the eradication of poverty being the primary...

Written by Daniel Winstanley and published on 16-May-2016

A Match Made in Heaven Across the India-Pakistan Border

When I first learned about Sonal Singh Rathore, I thought it was quite unusual for a Pakistani, Hindu woman, to be married to an Indian from Baroda. Only when I got to meet and talk to Sonal at her residence in Baroda, a town in the western Indian state of Gujarat, was I surprised to discover a tradition of cross-border marriages that is so commonly practiced among the Sodha community in Pakistan. Despite hostilitie...

Written by Dr. Nidhi Shendurnikar and published on 30-April-2016

The Pursuit of Peace through Information Communication Technologies

Technology is everywhere, that’s nothing new. However, the degree to which information and communication technologies (ICTs) have taken the world by storm is positively astounding. It doesn’t matter where in the world I have travelled in the last few years, I have had mobile phone coverage nearly everywhere, been able to check my emails, use WhatsApp, and access the news. Whether in Cambodia, India, Kenya, Armenia, Bosnia, Tunisia, or anywhere else, the locals have also all been engr...

Written by Tim Williams and published on 26-April-2016

The Refugee Crisis of the Middle East: What are the Gulf States Doing?

Late last year, it took an image of a drowned toddler for Western media to finally start covering the refugee crisis in more depth. However, the focus lies on Europe, with both the efforts and struggles of Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Sweden in the spotlight. This angle leaves the public wondering: why aren’t the Arab countries doing anything to take in Syrian refugees? Especially the ‘super rich Gulf states’, where reports show that they have taken in zero refugees; why aren’t the...

Written by Marie Luise Schwarzenberg and published on 16-April-2016

African Youth in Politics

How representative is a representative democracy when it locks out a certain demographic strata of the very society under its jurisdiction? Equitable participation of different groups in politics and governance is essential to building and sustaining democracy, yet often, youth (and women), are grossly underrepresented. African youth, throughout the continent, face several obstacles to participating in political life and running for public office. This occurs despite their proven abilities as le...

Written by Ndunge Wayua and published on 27-March-2016

Beyond Violence 2016 Open Call for Campaign Proposals

Dear Beyond Violence community: We have a number of exciting and important campaigns currently ongoing and in the works, with many of you already playing a key role. But if we’re to continue making positive impacts in conflict-affected areas, we need to be ahead of the game, with an eye on the horizon. That’s why we’re making this call to you to make your proposal of where Beyond Violence should go next. The ...

Written by David Fernandes and published on 05-March-2016

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