Beyond Violence 


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Unheard voices around the world are calling for peace. Together we can provide an amplifier. And when people come together, great things can happen. Together, we can force those in power- be they rebel leaders, politicians, corporates or national leaders- to listen. Together we can make change. Together, we can move beyond violence.

What we do

Petitions - We target those in power and force them to listen.

Solidarity ballots - We show our support for local groups working to move beyond violence in conflict zones.

Peaceful demonstrations - We exert pressure by standing together in solidarity.

Creative protest - We think outside of the box to draw attention to our campaigns art work, street theatre, sporting events, flash mobs, you name it, it can be done.


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Promoting cross border storytelling as a tool for nonviolence



In Ukraine we demanded for the government to stop suppressing protesters and ignoring their presence. We pushed for the Ukrainian government to make the steps towards a consensus with the civil society.



In response to the escalating violence in Syria, we launched a petition demanding that actors commit to an inclusive peace conference. This was realised in the Geneva II proceedings. We are now looking at ways to move forward.


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Following the success of our 2013 Voices for Peace petition, the Zimbabwean campaign has moved into solidifying its community roots and working on the ground with schools, artists and poets to spread Visions for Zim throughout Zimbabwe.


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Beyond Violence's Colombia campaign aims to use creative expression to initiate a conversation about the presence of violence and peace in Colombian life, and mobilise youth ideas to work for a peaceful future.