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Ukraine: Euromaidan Protests

In Ukraine we demanded for the government to stop suppressing protesters and ignoring their presence. We pushed for the Ukrainian government to make the steps towards a consensus with the civil society.

Here is the text that summarises our stance on the situation in Ukraine during EuroMaidan protests:

'To All Nations and Bodies with an Interest in the Ukrainian Conflict Between Civil Society and the Government of the Country

As the situation in the country escalates, the government seems to be ignoring it, commanding the police forces to attack protesters and imprison people related to them. On top of this, the government forces people working in state institutions to go on protests in favour of the current political elites, threatening them with dismissal and the non-payment of salaries. The government has also been accused of using many other schemes to discredit the Euromaiden protestors, including paying relatively poor people an hourly rate for their presence at the demonstrations against Euromaidan and in support of the political parties and people in power.

We demand the government abstain from further military actions and stop repressions against protesters. We also urge the government to stop on-going provocations of peaceful protestors that can lead to the enormous increase of victims of the protests.

Being aware that the international community’s influence on the situation is limited, we urge the government of Ukraine not to shed the blood of peaceful protesters. In a country in democratic transition, the power of the civil society will only grow. It is best for the government to be wise, admit its mistakes, free the imprisoned protestors, stop further repressions, consider the demands of peaceful protesters, and finally return the country to its democratic path.

We also urge the government to open negotiations with the civil society representatives and the opposition leaders and discuss possible ways from this dangerous situation.'

In our campaign we concentrated on promoting peace and non-violence, as well as disseminating information on secure usage of internet-based and communication technologies.

• We created an online map of violence which can tell a story of how protesters were constantly attacked by the special police and militia forces, and how in the end lots of lives were lost over the fight for human rights and basic freedoms in Ukraine.

• We pushed for European and national level politicians outside Ukraine to use sanctions against key Ukrainian politicians to pressure them.

• We created and distributed a number of posters telling people how to use the Internet and mobile phones in a secure way, how to use Internet in case it is blocked by the authorities and how to use technologies to screen the location of protesters when they travel to places of protest. This was an important part of our campaign.

• We conducted an online workshop where activists and political analysts from Ukraine explained the situation in the country to foreigners.

We are now closing the campaign and launching an evaluation study on Euromaidan protests. If you have participated in the events and can share your first-hand experience with us, please use the form below to express your thoughts and emotions about what has happened in Ukraine during Euromaidan (IN UKRAINIAN). Your participation can help people from outside the country to better understand the situation and, thus, it is very important for us to hear from you.

We are also conducting a study on Ukrainian ICTs and the media sphere and how it has changed throughout the protests. If you would like to participate, you can either get in touch with Anna at or fill in the form below. You can participate in English, Ukrainian or Russian whatever is more comfortable for you. We appreciate your participation and this is very important to us.

If you are a media activist, please, use this questionnaire:

If you are a media professional, please, use this questionnaire:

If you are a media analyst, please, use this questionnaire:

As for the Russian armed forces in Ukraine and the history of Russian aggression towards Ukraine, we are now working on preparing a conflict profile to cover this subject. Here is a map of Russian block-posts in Ukraine that is updated on a daily basis by local activists.