Beyond Violence 


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Unheard voices around the world are calling for peace. Together we can provide an amplifier. And when people come together, great things can happen. Together, we can force those in power- be they rebel leaders, politicians, corporates or national leaders- to listen. Together we can make change. Together, we can move beyond violence.

What we do

Petitions - We target those in power and force them to listen.

Solidarity ballots - We show our support for local groups working to move beyond violence in conflict zones.

Peaceful demonstrations - We exert pressure by standing together in solidarity.

Creative protest - We think outside of the box to draw attention to our campaigns art work, street theatre, sporting events, flash mobs, you name it, it can be done.



Despite voices calling for peace in both Armenia and Azerbaijan, the leaders of the region continue their dangerous path towards a renewed armed conflict. Help us make the voices calling for non-violence ring out, sign the petition now!

Central African Republic

Central African Republic image

Since 1960, the Central African Republic has experienced the highest number of military coups in Africa. These coups have left the country devastated by violence.


Colombia image

Violence has been a cornerstone of Colombian life for over four decades due to armed political conflicts and clashes between illegal and military forces over land and resource control. This has forced around 5 million civilians from their lands, leading them to become Internally Displaced Persons.


Cyprus image

Almost forty years after the Turkish military invasion of the island, Cyprus still lives withgeographical division, a blocked political situation, and deep-felt hatred between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.


Indian-Pakistan image

Three of the four wars fought between India and Pakistan since the partition of 1947 have been directly related to control over the territory of Kashmir. Although the conflict has been characterized by high levels of tension and outright hostilities throughout the decades. While this lull in fighting has been disturbed by occasional skirmishes that have caused fatalities on both sides, the conflict has been largely inactive since 2013.



In the thirty years since its establishment, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been the focus of sustained international attention. Despite the attention, however, it continues to defy easy characterisation.


Iraq image

Since the US-led pre-emptive invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the subsequent pullout of Coalition forces the country has failed to stabilise and is still engulfed by civil war.


Kashmir image

Born out of the partition of India in 1947, the dispute over the region has been a continued issue for more than six decades to the huge detriment of the population.



The use of violence has become an inherent feature of Kenya’s politics with elections being a key trigger for localised violence since the advent of multi-party politics in the early 1990s.


Lebanon image

Since the civil war ended in 1990, Lebanon has been experiencing resurgences of political violence, as the country struggles to stabilise in the midst of a tense geopolitical context.

Philippines (Mindinao)

Philippines (Mindinao)

The Filipino island Mindanao has seen forty years of conflict between the government and various insurgent groups fighting for independence. A 2012 peace deal could bring permanent peace to the region.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Tension between Sri Lanka’s ethnic and religious majority and minority groups still continue after the end of the war – suppression and the danger of violent outbreaks remain.

Sudan South - Sudan

Sudan South - Sudan image

While South Sudan has been an independent state since 2011, violent tensions continue along the border and over oil revenue.



Demonstrations against the Syrian government erupted in March 2011, clashes between the Assad regime and opposition forces in Syria have claimed more than 126,000 lives. and resulted in 2 million Syrians fleeing their country.

Thailand (Patani)

Thailand (Patani) image

Insurgent violence against state and military personnel is high, disrupting life in the Southern Thai Patani region. Political negotiations are currently impossible due to the lack of insurgent organisation.


Zimbabwe image

Horrific violence is spreading as the 2013 elections are just round the corner. Zimbabwe's political divisions and culture of violence have made millions suffer for decades.