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Armenia Azerbaijan

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Armenia Azerbaijan

To the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan as well as their Foreign Ministers and Embassies around the world.

We are a movement of people - composed of Armenians, Azerbaijanis and members of the international community - who are coming together to demand peace in Nagorno-Karabakh. We are particularly concerned about the current re-escalation of tensions over the Nagorno-Karabakh region hence why we are urging you to stop war rhetoric and resolve the conflict non-violently. Too many innocent people have already unnecessarily lost their lives and citizens all around the world are tired of this never-ending conflict. We are urging you to concentrate on the negotiation table and make the necessary compromises. We demand you to respect the right of people in the region to live in peace, the right to live without the threat of an armed conflict.

Armenia and Azerbaijan: Stop Threatening with Wars and Focus on the Negotiation Table

Armenia and Azerbaijan have been involved in a territorial conflict over the Nagorno-Karabakh region for several decades now. The armed part of the conflict lasted between 1991 and 1994 and cost the lives of 25,000 people from both sides.

In addition to the casualties, it is the lives of around 1 million people that were totally disrupted as they had to flee from their birthplaces and become refugees.

Although the OSCE Minsk Group has been mediating the conflict since 1992 and despite the 1994 ceasefire, parties still have not managed to reach a final peace agreement because of their unwillingness to make the compromises that are so much needed to finally settle this conflict.

Today tensions are dramatically escalating and they are further threatening the future of the region and the lives of thousands of people!

Skirmishes at the line of contact between both forces are becoming common and war rhetoric is overwhelmingly present in both Presidents speeches. The military of both countries is also getting more and more ready to attack the other side: with war simulations and an arms race between both sides, the possibility of a war is just a matter of time

The last episode that added to the tensions was the pardon by Azeri President Aliyev of Ramil Safarov, responsible for the killing of an Armenian in Hungary.

It cannot continue this way! The conflict has already caused too much damage!

It has horribly affected the lives of millions of Armenians and Azerbaijanis and ruined the relationships of two peoples who used to live together in the past!

It has stunted the economic and democratic development of the South Caucasus region. It has made it an unsafe region where investments and infrastructure building are dreaded, and above all, it is used as a strategy to divert people attention from domestic issues!

Another war could be dramatic and turn the region into chaos!