Beyond Violence 

Tim Williams takes part in discussion on “NGOs and development"

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Beyond Violence Executive Director Tim Williams took part in a panel discussion today, on the topic of “NGOs and development in Africa”. He was joined by representatives from two other NGOs: Nando, a small German NGO which gives small start-up grants to businesses in Africa, and PLAN, one of the oldest child development organisations in the world (they have been around for over 75 years).

The event was organised by the Center for Conflict Studies at Marburg University and is part of a month long event celebrating African culture, advancing the integration of African citizens and countering clichés and stereotypes about the African continent.

The discussion was very lively and controversial at times. Many students who also took part in the discussion were critical of development aid and stated that while development aid has provided many benefits, it also perpetuates dependence in countries where what is needed is empowerment.

This is further evidence of how important the work Beyond Violence is doing. We aim to give people the tools to communicate, and work towards non-violent solutions. We at Beyond Violence believe that non-violent transformations of conflict are always possible, and by empowering people to communicate we hope to foster an environment of understanding where peace is possible.

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