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Syrian conflict

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Moeen and Zahid,

I feel compeled to react to claims you have raised.

First, the Syrian government has been hardly made up of all sectarian forces let alone representatives of all ethnical groups (e.g. Kurds).

Second, the fact that the government has profiled as secular does not mean and imply by any means it has been better, more democratic, more liberal or more inclusive than other authoritarian religious (Saudi Arabia) or secular regimes (Libya) in the region. Moreover, the claim that the local goverment was secular for centuries is misleading. Before today's Syria came under the French mandate, it was an Ottoman province ruled by a sultan who understood himself as a khalifa (a "deputy" of the God on the earth).

Third, the suggestions for reforms that the Syrian government brought up were anything but cosmetic - such as personal changes at ministries. Moreover, it was actually accompanied by brutal dispersions of the peaceful demostrantions.

Fourth, the role of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood is overestimated. The Syrian MB is not the same as the Egyptian mother organisation and definitely it was not so strong at the time of the civil war outbreak. It is pretty much a result of decades of very brutal repression done by Hafiz al-Asad and then his son. Just recall the Hama massacre of 1982 when between 10,000 and 25,000 people were killed in the stronghold of the MB by the army within two weeks. To argue that the MB used the situation and hijacked the demos appears to me to be more influenced by the knowledge of the current situation in Egypt and less of the conditions in Syria.

Fifth, you are right with the jihadists who have come to Syria to lead their "own" wars. That's worisome and will bring no good in future as they will return one day home.

Guys, sorry for my "lecturing", but the Middle East is my focus, that's why I have tendency to contribute in such discussions.

Have a good night/morning/day,


I am in total agreement with you on the Syrian question.

If we go a bit further, we can see the strings attached to the American military industrial complex (MIC), a conglomerate of US private sector defence industry, politicians on the Hill and Pentagon, which hhas to retain a "permanent war economy" for profit maximisation and plunder. The army generals in the developing countries, along with the obscurantist fundos, are3 agents of MIC.

The game is simple...............unleash "democracy" in autocratic and fiefdom run MENA countries, throw in the Alqaeda fundos and the corrupt House of Saud and the GCC satellites, and you have an MIC market! Later, you can infuse a band of fundos to get involved in a war on terror........Mark my words, the MENA region is the MIC markret for this decade.....with the House of Saud, thee GCC and the last, Pakistan, being the targets!

Read Robert Fisk, John Pilger, Patrick Cockburn, Tariq Ali, Pepe get the reall news!

And mind you there would be no constructive DDR none would be interested in disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration............they NEVER did that in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya......Iraq and there would be none in Syria.

One oof the world's oldest cities, Damascus, would soob be a rubble but the "democratic Arabs" in GCC would have filled the MIC coffers in $$$billions!

The Syrian Conflict started out as peaceful demonstrations calling for Political Reform in the city of Daraa, South of the Capital Damascus, in March 2011. The Muslim Brotherhood supported by Saudi Arabia with weapons and extremist Jihadists hijacked the demonstrations turning the events into Armed Conflict using the Arab Spring as cover.

The Syrian Government made-up representing all Religious Groups proposed a set of reforms by entering into talks with the peaceful demonstrators, but the Muslim Brotherhood forced this initiative to be abandoned due to threats and subsequent killings of Government Soldiers and many of the peaceful demonstrators.

The battle lines are now clearly drawn between multi-cultural Syrians which includes most Sunni's and the warring religious extremists supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, USA, UK and France, to destroy the Secularist nature of the nation that has prevailed for Centuries.

Many of the extremist Jihadists have entered into Syria mainly from Turkey and Jordan, with Arms including Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Tank Launchers supplied by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and, Logistical support from dA, UK, France in the form of Intelligence, Night-Vision Goggles, Bullet-proof Flak Jackets and Helmets, NBC Gas Masks and Clothing.

The extremists have used various forms of "False Flag" murders and massacres including use of Chemical Weapons to blame the Syrian Government for these atrocities.

This is now a Proxy Conflict carried-out by Non-Syrians who outnumber Syrians and are slaying Christians, Muslims and Kurds as a tactic to divide the nation along Sectarian and Cultural lines.

Proof is emerging that the recent CWs attacks during August 2013 carried-out on Four separate areas of Damascus were by the Rebels and not the Syrian Government, with ingredients being brought in from outside the Country.