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How can reconciliation best be achieved?

Posted by: Anahid35

Reconciliation. We must first understand the term. It means to restore friendly relationships. It means to make ones views or beliefs compatible with another. With this in mind, to reconcile, both parties must understand that the end result is to become friendly and compatible. Friends accept flaws, move on from the past, seek forgiveness, gives forgiveness, repent for wrongs, resolve conflict and differences peacefully.

These are all ideals of what goes on in a friendship, which is the end result after reconciliation. For this to be achieved between nations, in my opinion, leaders filled with compassion and the ability to be unbiased yet understanding must represent their nations, meet in a room, and settle differences. They must agree to terms based on peacefulness, repentance, and forgiveness to move on from the past and to move forward with clearly defined boundaries of their new friendship.

Conflict can not solve problems rather it create problems. dialogues and reconciliation is pivotal in any nation's building and reconstruction. I am Liberia, one of the country where brutality and civil war had taken place over a decade. Reconciliation has been the major challenge. Reconciliation involves accepting the past, taking responsibility for your action and moving forward.

Certainly dialogue would be a necessary instrument. Though it is very difficult to have a dialogue
in a setting you described. A very creative idea definitely can bring a change, for eg activity involving collectivity, marking days for communities to mingle, involving grass-root organisations, making documentaries to express sympathies and emotions.

I don't know for sure, but it's an idea worth trying.

I think more emphasis needs to be put on cross-cultural understanding in childhood education. Not 'here are some strange things that other peoples do', but 'different people look at the world differently. Here are some examples of different worldviews that explain why certain peoples do things differently.' Particularly in educating the majority about the minorities in their country.

I think, in that case we need have and show more patience and tolerance to each other. Not only that, we must be mindful enough to show love and sympathy towards other ethnicity and religious groups. I am not telling you to put aside your own religion, rather show unbiased willingness to listen to them, their opinions and thoughts keeping in tact your own. This well open a pathway for a peaceful dialogue among different groups and widen it ultimately. At the end of the day, no body will like you unless you yourself like them.

In the case of a conflict where there are several groups (ethnic, religious etc.) with deep-rooted antagonism, prejudices and hatred, how can we work to bring these groups back together?