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How can reconciliation best be achieved?

Posted by: Anahid35

I wrote a paper on Israel Palestine conflict,I realized whilst writing that:

People's opinions are moulded through media, digital or paper

Their thoughts, defined through politicians (actions and ideology)

They are affected by events surrounding their state, as people connected through Internet and what not!

Then the individuals form opinions about an episode

In Israel-Palestine conflict people want peace and to live but it's section of people who overthrow these desires and general mass unwillingly gets involved Pew Research shows people both sides felt peace not possible minus initiation & dialogue or in my opinion limiting the militias

I live in India, it hard for Pak-India to coexist When optimistic something or other happens on the LOC cross-firing from troops and in process army casualties on both sides

People want peace, but when a section grossly feel they represent their populace and commits blunders not remotely in favor of their own people That's when danger of conflict looms large!

In the case of a conflict where there are several groups (ethnic, religious etc.) with deep-rooted antagonism, prejudices and hatred, how can we work to bring these groups back together?